A fun new service offered by Tiny Baked Goods. Seasonal and festive small cakes delivered every other week right to your door (Greater Seattle Area)!

 Purchase a Cake Club membership for yourself, your family, or a friend (Seattle area resident) as a pick-me-up treat! 

In the interest of keeping things fun, new and fresh, drum roll please, introducing....CAKE CLUB!

Cake Club is a members only service (oooh so exclusive! makes you want it more, doesn't it.  Members enjoy an every-other-week delivery or pick-up of a festive, seasonal cake made with local, Snoqualmie valley ingredients.  What a treat for yourself, your household or a friend/loved one who lives in the Seattle area!



Includes 1 cake and delivery every other week for a total of three cakes.

small (each cake serves 6)

   -no dietary restriction $100

   -vegan/gf $120

medium (each cake serves 12)

   -no dietary restrictions $180

   -vegan/gf $200



We will get in touch with you via email a few days before each scheduled pickup/delivery to reveal that particular week's flavor and remind you that your cake is coming and arrange pickup/delivery! 

NEXT CAKE CLUB IS OPEN FOR PRE-REGISTRATION and begins the end of February! 





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